Pride of the Terraces featured in UnDividing Lines 16

Pride of the Terraces contributes to a couple of other LGBTQIA+ publications around the UK. Already this year you may have come across articles in Fyne Times or Scene Alba from POTT to give a sporting perspective on LGBTQIA+ issues, but now the ante has well and truly been upped.

For the first time, someone asked me to answer the questions instead of asking them. I already wrote articles for UnDividing Lines, often with a Scottish Highlands twist where possible, but this time around they wanted me to be their feature interview. I was touched and honoured to oblige, and that interview has just been released.

I also wrote a piece on sportswashing since there have been so many examples of it over the last few years but it may not be something everyone is completely aware of. All the more reason to go and check out UDL 16!

To read both articles, go on to the latest issue of UnDividing Lines here.

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