About Pride of the Terraces

Pride of the Terraces is a long-form journalistic platform, started in October 2019, dedicated to telling the stories of LGBT+ athletes.

There are no shortage of stories to be told, but they are not always put out there with the same fanfare as straight athletes. Pride of the Terraces aims to change that by providing a space where LGBT+ athletes and issues in sport are discussed.

On the site already there are interviews with international footballers, university basketball players, inclusive rugby clubs and elite ski racers among many others. Pride of the Terraces covers athletes from a wide range of sports at any level to show that sport is achievable for all in the LGBT+ community – whether that’s for a local club as a hobby or at the top of the sport.

The site was in some ways inspired by the BBC LGBT Sport Podcast, hosted by Jack Murley, when I realised that there was not a prominent website specifically serving an equivalent purpose in a text format in the UK.

There were also no shortage of homophobic incidents the year Pride of the Terraces was created, and the “Gay Footballer” Twitter account was the tipping point in my decision to start the site. The hope and anticipation I personally felt at the possibility of a prominent male footballer being part of the LGBT+ community was quickly followed by disappointment at the possibility that it was just a hoax, and I realised that I could do something to provide that hope for someone else.

Pride of the Terraces is part of the Sports Media LGBT+ network, and has worked on LEAP Sports’ Pride Active Conversations – as well as hosting some of the interviews for European Week of Sport in 2020. Pride of the Terraces also contributes to Scottish magazine Somewhere: For Us, and in February 2023 I was named the Highlands and Islands feature writer of the year for my work on the site.