About Me

I’m a sports reporter based in the Scottish Highlands, and I’m bisexual.

Those are the key things for this site, but that’s not all there is to me. I grew up in Aberdeenshire, before going to the University of Stirling and graduating with a degree in journalism studies. I then started working in Inverness as a sports reporter in February 2018, where I work on four different weekly and bi-weekly titles.

I played cricket for Fraserburgh Cricket Club in the Aberdeenshire Grades for nine years, I’m a massive football fan, I love pro wrestling, I’ve seen hundreds of bands, I’m constantly referencing lyrics or TV shows, and I might even bake something sweet every now and then.

I know what it’s like to struggle with self-doubt, to feel like an outcast, a misfit. That’s why I wanted to create this platform. I wanted to create a space where anyone could read one of these articles and believe there is hope, that it is possible to be part of the LGBT+ community and be involved in sport at the same time.

I know, that sounds kinda cheesy.

But from my own experience, latching on to things like that is everything. Even when you have nothing else in common, seeing or reading about the experiences of the LGBT+ community – it’s like there’s a connection there, an instant relatability and respect. If, through sharing stories of people who have been there and done that, I can help one person feel more comfortable, then this will have been worth it.