Nick Heath: “On the whole, people are ready to say it’s whether you’re getting them a beer that they’re worried about, not their sexuality, and I’m happy with that.”

Nick Heath is an established voice in rugby broadcasting, having worked on World Cups, Six Nations and Premiership matches. But in lockdown, he has gone viral through his Life Commentaries and pub quizzes as well as putting plans together to continue his Cue Commentator podcast.

Jack Murley: “I get to speak to amazing sportspeople, and that isn’t anything I’m going to wish away in a hurry.”

How can we expect elite athletes to be open and honest about who they are when the people telling their stories are not doing the same? When looking at LGBT+ in sport, the media has such a crucial role to play, and Jack Murley is one broadcaster who is doing all he can to promote LGBT+ sportspeople.